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Your Germantown Cricket Club Professional Tennis Staff would like to welcome all returning GCC members, as well as our latest additions, to a warm, sunny, and exciting spring and summer! We are looking forward to seeing you all out on the courts! The bulletin boards, starter board and e-mail blasts will continue to provide detailed descriptions of upcoming events, club championships, programming, camps, USTA National Tournaments and much more so please keep your eyes on updates as they come your way. 

Our professional staff is here to assist you in every aspect of your tennis experience at the club, If you have any questions about the tennis program here at GCC, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the tennis staff. 

The Germantown Cricket Club tennis staff is always working hard to make sure we have the finest tennis program in the country. GCC has a long and great tennis history and this year should add to that legacy.


Tennis reservations are handled on our online booking system during the indoor season. This is simple to access through the club web site if you are a full athletic member; pool only members are entitled to one court reservation per month and need to call the pro-shop to reserve a court. If you have not been registered or you are unfamiliar with the system, please contact the pro shop. During the summer season, use of indoor cours is available for a fee. Click here for more information. Courts may not be reserved in advance. To sign up for a court during the summer season you must sign up in person at the pro shop when you are ready to play.

We ask our members to be more diligent on guest sign-ins and registering their guests.  Rules for the tennis section can be found in the back of the membership directory or on the web site. 

All tennis attire including clothing, hats, socks, accessories and footwear worn by all players on the courts must be white in color with no more than 10% color trim. Tennis footwear may have color and must be appropriate to the surface (may not have cleats or other sole design features).


To enquire about membership to the Club, and to explore what options are right for you, please click here.


As a member at Germantown Cricket Club, if you want to be involved in what is offered in the tennis program, it is important to know that the professional staff is available at any time to help. Among the most often asked questions are: can I get on the online booking system, can you help me find a game, what league should I be in, what are the pro shop hours and where do I fit ability wise in the club? These questions and more are easily answered by a member of the staff. If you are having trouble finding a partner or partners for a doubles game, please let someone on the professional staff know and they will do everything to help you!


Off-Season: October 1 through May 12
Prohibited Items: Clothing with excessively largo logos or print, concert type t-shirts, clothing with offensive or overtly political language or logos, torn, ripped or stained clothing, excessively baggy clothing, clothing with excessively “loud” colors or designs that could be distracting, cargo shorts, pants with protruding pockets, denim, or shorts that extend below the knee.

Regular Tennis Season: May 12 through September 30 
White Tennis Attire: All white athletic attire with no more than modest color trim (less than 10% of each article of clothing), to include hats, socks, and accessories. Tennis footwear may be non-white. • White Warm-Up Suits: All white with only modest color trim (less than 10% of each article of clothing)

1. Appropriate white tennis attire must be worn on all outdoor court surfaces during both the regular tennis season and off-season.
2. Appropriate white warm-up suits are required on all outdoor court surfaces during the regular tennis season only.
3. Appropriate tennis attire of any color may be worn on all indoor court surfaces during both the regular tennis season and off-season.
4. All guests must adhere to the regulations.
5. Regulations do not apply to non-playing spectators seated courtside.
6. Members are to always refrain from prohibited items.
7. Final decisions about appropriateness of permitted attire are at the discretion of management.
8. A full line of appropriate tennis attire is available for purchase in the pro shop for members’ convenience.

Recognized by the USTA with the Outstanding Facility award, GCC is one of the world’s only clubs to offer tennis on all major surfaces. Our facilities boast:

  • 20+ grass courts
  • 9 Har-Tru (Hydro-Courts)
  • 6 Red Clay Courts
  • 2 Regulation Hard Courts (Lined for 10 & Under tennis & Pickleball)
  • 4 Indoor Courts (nova bounce)
  • Tennis pro shop

Additionally, our USPTA-certified professional staff works year-round with players of all levels to improve their play while having a great time. Whether you’re young or old, just getting into the game, or a seasoned player, we have the program for you! From a host of weekly Adult Clinics and our world-class Junior Program to our new fan-favorite, pickleball, we have the best of the best and invite you to join us on the courts!