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The GCC squash staff welcomes you back to another squash season at Germantown Cricket Club. The bulletin boards and email blasts will continue to provide detailed descriptions of tournaments and upcoming events, so please keep your eyes on updates as they come your way. 

The information has been written and divided up to reflect the adult and junior parts of the squash program.  If there is some part of either that you need further clarification on, please do not hesitate to ask Chris Longman or any of the members of the GCC pro squash staff.  The squash
pro-shop can be reached directly at 215.848.4822 or by email at  

The Germantown Cricket Club squash staff is always working hard to make sure we have the finest squash program anywhere.  GCC has a long and great squash history and this year should add to that legacy.  We are all working together to make GCC the “best place to play”.


Squash reservations are handled on our online booking system. This is simple to access through the club website if you are a full athletic member; pool-only members need to call the pro-shop to reserve a court, as they are allowed to use the courts once a month.  If you have not been registered or you are unfamiliar with the system, please contact the squash office. Remember to sign up your guests and cancel any unwanted court as space is at a premium.  We ask squash players to be more focused this year on guest sign-ins and registering their guests.  Rules for the squash section can be found in the back of the membership directory or please refer to the squash court rules posted outside each court for more specific information.  They are also posted on the website.  Court attire is non-marking shoes (no dark soles), and safety goggles.


To enquire about membership to the Club, and to explore what options are right for you, please click here.


As a member of Germantown Cricket Club, if you want to be involved in what is offered in the squash program, it is important to know that the professional staff is available at any time to help.  Among the most often asked questions are: can I get on the online booking system, can you help me find a game, what league should I be in, what are the pro shop hours and where do I fit ability-wise in the club?  These questions and more are easily answered by a member of the staff.  To help facilitate the “finding a game question” there will be a new feature to this season which is a “game arranging” service for doubles and singles.  If you are having trouble finding a partner or partners for a doubles game, you will be able to contact the pro shop (within pro shop hours) where a member of the staff will be available to help and find you a game.